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Lower Eyelid Rejuvenation with Filllers

By: RoyDavid December 10, 2009

While some patients truly have “bags” under their eyes which require surgical removal with a lower eyelid lift or blepharoplasty, others simply have a hollow look below their eyes that makes them look tired or older. This hollow area is called the nasojugal groove, and it forms in people with a certain bone structure predisposition as they age. The aging process results in loss of fat and elasticity, and the skin “sinks” over the bone, creating a shadow or “dark circle.” Simply removing fat above the hollow area can sometimes accentuate it- making the eye seem more hollow and old. A better option is to restore volume to this area!

These days, we often use fat grafting to the area beneath the eyes, to lastingly restore fullness and lessen the appearance of the nasojugal groove. For patients who don’t want the expense or (relatively little) downtime of fat grafting, injectable fillers can be an easy fix.In either case, it is best to have an experienced surgeon or injector doing these procedures, as the area around the eyes can be prone to bruising or irregularities.My preferred injectable filler for this area is Restylane. It lasts a long time (up to a year or more)
and has relatively little swelling.

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