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Update on Botox and Dysport in San Diego

By: RoyDavid January 25, 2010

Botox and Dysport have now been competing head to head on the market for several months, and our San Diego patients have reported good results with the new botox competitor. In our practice, we have found that it takes approximately 3 units of Dysport to every 1 unit of Botox to achieve comparable results. Since there are 300 units in a bottle of dysport and 100 units in a bottle of botox, ounce for ounce they are pretty much the same.

For patients it is important to understand that $4/unit for Dysport is the same as $12/unit for botox- simply multiply by 3 to get the equivalent value.Overall, having two competing products that both work means lower prices and that is what we have seen. Patients should keep their eyes peeled for specials on either product at our San Diego Face medical spa.Several of my patients who reported that their botox has not been lasting as long as when they first starting using it have switched to dysport, to see if they can get more “bang for the buck.” We will keep you posted on these results…

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Maximizing Results from your Laser Treatment

By: RoyDavid January 08, 2010

Active FX and Total FX are two of our most popular San Diego skin rejuvenation procedures. The reasons for this are that these procedures are quick, involve minimal downtime (generally one week at the most) and are effective. Patients achieve often dramatic improvement in wrinkles, loose skin around the cheeks, eyes, and jowls, and acne scars. Despite these great results, it is important for patients to understand that great looking skin requires maintenance. If bad habits resume after your laser skin resurfacing treatment, the brown spots, wrinkles, and crepey skin will also return.

Most of our patients pre-treat their skin with retinol and hydroquinone based products as recommended by our aestheticians. Medical grade products have a higher concentration than regularly found in the drug store, and act to inhibit hyperpigmentation (dark spots) and also allow a deeper, more effective penetration of the laser.In addition to pre-treatment, we recommend avoiding direct sun exposure and using a high quality sunscreen with UV-a and UV-b protection.Approximately one to two weeks following Active FX, patients are generally ready to resume their skin care, which at this time can be re-tailored to their current skin condition. The goal at this point is to maintain the result of the laser treatment, and also to build upon that with even more improvement over time. Having a great team of aestheticians and an aesthetic RN allows us partner with our patients for long term great looking skin!

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