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Finesse Rhinoplasty

By: RoyDavid March 20, 2010

Finesse Rhinoplasty describes rhinoplasty performed to correct minor imperfections in an otherwise “decent” nose: a small hump, a slightly wide tip, etc. If you think you are a “finesse rhinoplasty” patient there are a few points to consider.

Making an already “good” nose into a “perfect” nose requires a great deal of experience and skill on the part of the surgeon, as well as attention to detail. Computer imaging is very important in these cases so that you and your surgeon agree on what the goal is- and that it can be accomplished. Indeed- no one can promise you a “perfect” nose-and perhaps there is no such thing. The actual goal is to make the nose “better” or “near perfect” – and to do so without compromising function or long term beauty.Endonasal or “closed” rhinoplasty can be the preferred approach for patients like this; it allows access to the bridge without compromising supporting structures of the tip of the nose, and thus minimizing the amount of surgery needed for an otherwise attractive part of the nose. Often, finesse rhinoplasty will be combined with a chin implant or neck liposuction in order to create an ideal profile.As in any cosmetic surgery, both patient and surgeon should weigh risk versus benefit. Patients should examine rhinoplasty before/ after photos of patients with similar noses treated by their surgeon to get an idea of the results they may obtain.

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