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Bruising After Rhinoplasty

By: RoyDavid September 02, 2010
One of the most common questions patients ask at their rhinoplasty consultation is “Will I be bruised afterward?”
The answer is usually “probably.” The chief cause of bruising is the osteotomy, or fine cuts that are made in the bones to reposition them. Not every patient requires osteotomies, however, and those patients generally have little to no bruising at one week. For the majority of rhinoplasty patients, there will be some osteotomy-related bruising but usually it is already resolving at the one week point- which is when the external splint is removed and most patients resume most of their normal activities. For women , the minimal bruising at this point around the lower eyes can be managed with some makeup and our fine esthetician staff is always ready to help!

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