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Voluma Long Lasting Filler

By: admin December 11, 2013

Our practice was among the first in San Diego to introduce Voluma, a new injectable filler from Allergan, makers of Botox. Voluma is FDA approved for 2 year duration of action and is possibly the best midfacial filler on the market. It is similar in structure to Juvederm and Restylane: Voluma is comprised of hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occuring substance in our skin. Hyaluronic acid or HA acts like a sponge under our skin, absorbing moisture and giving a healthy and youthful fullness to our tissue. It is the safest injectable filler substance, largely because it can be dissolved with an injectable enzyme in the event of any unwanted reaction.

What makes Voluma different, is that it is cross linked in a way that it provides a firmer, more viscous product. This gives it the ability to lift heavy tissue, such as the cheek fat pad, or droopy tissue below our cheekbones. This same cross linking also makes it harder to degrade, hence the previously unheard of two year duration. The only other volumizing product on the market to provide such a long duration of action is Sculptra, but Sculptra cannot provide the lifting strength of Voluma-or the immediate onset of action of Voluma (Sculptra results can take one to six months for full effect).

Our preliminary experience with this filler has been very positive and exciting for our patients. It appears we now have a safe, long-lasting filler with the plumping and lifting ability previously only seen with implants. Over the coming months, we expect to develop further uses for this versatile, long-lasting injectable filler at our La Jolla center.

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