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Nose Shapes

By: RoyDavid October 28, 2014

There are as many different noses in the world as there are people- this is one reason rhinoplasty surgery is always different and challenging  (and fun) for surgeons.  However, there are some basic  nose shapes that divide among ethnic lines. These include the leptorrhine  nose (Caucasian), platyrrhine nose (flatter, wider nose) and mesorrhine nose (somewhere in between).

In addition to these classifications, patients tend to self-classify their noses at our San Diego rhinoplasty center as “bulbous,”  “wide,”   “droopy,” “crooked,” “hump nose,” etc.  In reality, surgeons usually describe each nose from top to bottom in their notes, with patients having diverse combinations of some or all of these features.


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Rhinoplasty Recovery

By: RoyDavid October 21, 2014

Rhinoplasty Recovery

Recovery from rhinoplasty surgery in San Diego is easier than most patients think. The nose is not a supportive structure in our body (it doesn’t carry much body weight) and so if it’s left alone after surgery it tends not to hurt too much.

After rhinoplasty, your nose will generally have a protective external splint. Occasionally, if your septum was very crooked, a semi-rigid internal splint may also be applied. This doesn’t hurt, but may make your breathing a bit more stuffy. Other reasons for stuffy breathing include swelling inside the nose or accumulation of crusting.

Cold compresses are helpful for 2-3 days to decrease swelling, and pain pills are supplied but usually unnecessary after the first night or two. Severe discomfort after rhinoplasty would be very unusually and is reason to call your doctor’s office for instructions.

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