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Coolsculpting Now Offered in San Diego

By: RoyDavid May 26, 2015

Roy David MD, Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa introduces CoolSculpting Fat Reduction

body contouringNoninvasive fat reduction has become more and more popular in San Diego as the technology continues to improve and more and more men and women seek to flatten out their bellies and eliminate love handles. Traditional liposuction is effective, but involves significant pain and swelling, and is not without complications. CoolSculpting or cryolipolysis from Zeltiq eliminates downtime and has virtually no risk. What’s more- the results are measurable and significant.

CoolSculpting in our San Diego practice can take from one to four or more hours, depending on the number of areas being treated,” explains Dr. Roy David, medical director of Roy David MD, Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa medical spa. “A typical lower abdomen is two areas, but some patients also require sculpting of the upper abs and flanks.” The Center offers a relaxing “CoolSculpting Room” with a large screen television and comfortable recliner. Clients are served light snacks and beverages, and are free to use their cellphones or iPad.

The treatment begins with one of the expert staff members marking out the treatment site and applying a cool gel pad the skin. Patients feel a sucking sensation on their skin as the device attaches the skin surface and then gradually cools the skin and underlying fat. “Fat cells are more sensitive to cold than our skin, so the fat cells will be destroyed without harming the skin,” explains Dr. David. In addition to the abdomen and flanks, CoolSculpting is also popular for reducing fat in the inner and outer thighs.

Following a session of fat reduction with CoolSculpting in San Diego, patients may experience some numbness or tingling in the area that resolves over one to three weeks; however, they may return immediately to their normal activities. As the fat cells are destroyed and cleared through the blood stream, final results become apparent over three to twelve weeks.  Roy David MD, Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa medical spa also offers radiofrequency fat reduction with Vanquish and Exilis, but he and his staff feel that CoolSculpting adds the benefits of localized fat reduction and a one-time treatment.

Roy David MD, Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa is a full service medical spa in the UTC area serving all of San Diego. Medical director Dr. Roy David is a double board certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon.

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Introducing the Latest Advancement in Skin Rejuvenation

By: RoyDavid May 12, 2015

hydrafacial image











What is Infini? Infini combines two of the most trusted and effective modalities in skin rejuvenation: microneedling and radiofrequency. Microneedling uses physical trauma to induce collagen synthesis in the skin, and radiofrequency uses heat to accomplish the same goal. Infini harnesses both technologies by focusing radiofrequency below the skin surface, in between the tips of the micro needles.  This results in improved tightness and texture, without the downtime of a laser peel or chemical peel.

What is PRP? Since its introduction as the “Vampire Facelift,”PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma has gained more and more credibility and popularity for its power to rejuvenate skin and support growth of tissues such as tendons and ligaments, and hair on the scalp. It is becoming a mainstay of the hair transplant procedure. PRP requires activation in order for the growth factors to start their healing cascade. This activation may be provided by microneedling. PRP is produced from a small amount of your own blood, which is processed to concentrate the growth factors and platelets at ten times their normal concentration.


  1. You will numb for approximately 30 minutes. During this time a small amount of serum will be drawn, processed, and centrifuged to extract platelet-rich plasma.
  2. Infini-RF will gently penetrate the skin surface, and bipolar radiofrequency will safely and comfortably target your dermis, stimulating collagen synthesis and renewal, and tightening your skin.
  3. PRP will be applied to your skin surface and gently injected below your skin surface. The microtrauma from the Infini treatment allows activation of growth factors in the PRP, further accelerating skin renewal and collagen synthesis.
  4. You may experience mild redness that resolves within 24 hours.


You can expect skin tightening with improved texture, approaching the results of a laser peel but without the downtime. Infini is also considered one of the BEST minimally invasive treatments for acne scars, and the addition of PRP may further enhances these results.

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