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Having Trouble Breathing? Septoplasty May Be Your Answer.

By: RoyDavid January 20, 2016


Unobstructed Nasal Passages Make Breathing Easy and Natural

septoplasty imageSeptoplasty or Deviated Septum Surgery is a term for the surgery that must be performed to correct a deviated septum in the nose, and this surgery is performed to help relieve nasal obstruction. The septum and turbinate are both components of the nose, and either can become obstructions to good breathing, and either may necessitate septoplasty surgery.

The nasal septum is comprised of cartilage and bone, and it is the structure which divides nasal passages into their right and left sides; when the septum becomes deviated, either or both sides of the nose can become blocked. Turbinates are located inside the nose near the septum, and can also cause obstruction if they grow too large. When either of these two nasal structures are not sized or positioned correctly, it can force a person to breathe through the mouth, since normal nasal breathing is compromised.

Recovery and benefits of septoplasty

After a doctor determines the cause of a deviated septum, septoplasty may be the best option to correct the problem, and the surgery should help to straighten out the cartilage and bone which are out of place. The procedure typically is performed on an out-patient basis by a qualified plastic surgeon or ear nose and throat surgeon, although general anesthesia is usually recommended because of the nature of the surgery.

Following the surgery, packing or splints inside the nose may be necessary to promote the healing process, but in other cases only dissolving stitches are required. During the post-operative period, a patient may experience pain, stiffness, or drainage for a period of time.

With successful septoplasty or turbinate surgery, the obstruction of nasal passages is largely relieved, and patients are able to breathe normally again, without having to resort to breathing through the mouth. Many patients also sleep much better at night and are thus better rested for the next day, since obstructed breathing frequently interferes with night-time breathing and sleep.

There is also a cosmetic benefit to correcting a deviated septum, you may want to find a good rhinoplasty surgeon that can correct the deviated septum and provide nose shaping at the same time . In many cases, a deviated septum is externally visible and gives the patient a ‘crooked’ look around the nose. Following the surgical procedure, this is corrected and the nose appears straight again, since the underlying bone and cartilage have been re-positioned into their normal places.

About Dr. Roy David

Dr. Roy David is a facial plastic surgeon specializing in surgery for the face, nose, eyes, neck, and scalp, and has provided top-quality plastic surgery in the San Diego for more than 10 years. He is a member of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and is double board-certified by both that organization and the American Board of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery. He considers the intricacies of plastic surgery akin to art, and strives to achieve perfection with all patients seeking his services.

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Why You Should Choose a Plastic Surgeon Who Understands Asian Rhinoplasty

By: RoyDavid January 08, 2016

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), nose reshaping, or rhinoplasty, was the second most common cosmetic surgical procedure, after breast augmentations which have ranked number one since 2006. Although rhinoplasty is not as popular as it once was, it’s down two percent from 2013, it still is an important option for men and women alike. When choosing your plastic surgeon, you have to understand why it’s important to have someone with experience with individuals of your culture.

Is Bone Structure Different Between Cultures?

asian rhinoplastyAccording to the ASPS, in 2014, the number of Asian Americans who receive cosmetic surgery has increased by nine percent. “When it comes to rhinoplasty, it’s important to understand the key differences in bone structures between ethnicities”, says Dr. Roy David a San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon. According to Dr. David oriental nose shapes have different characteristics than that of Caucasian noses. The nasal bridge, the upper, bony part of the nose, is lower in individuals with Asian ancestry. The dorsum, which is the projected portion of the nose, may be less projected and even convex. The tip of the nose is also different, and this may be attributed to different conditions, including skin thickness. These physical differences make it important to find a plastic surgeon with experience in Asian bone structure.

“Skin color is another issue when having rhinoplasty surgery. The skin tissue in a scar is white, because the melanin cells no longer produce color. You want your plastic surgeon to have techniques to reduce scarring and to maintain your skin color. A nose-job is not a one-size-fits-all procedure, but a custom, tailored job to suit your own needs and desires,” says Dr. David.

What Are Your Goals?

When it comes to nose reshaping, each individual has a different goal, Dr. David recommends bringing images of nose shapes you would like your surgeon to achieve.  Although at one time, it was common for people to choose cosmetic surgery to look more like another ethnicity, in today’s culture, this is not always the case. Many people just want to change their look while preserving their own ethnicity. A plastic surgeon who understands the structure of the face will be able to make that happen more effectively. Sometimes, the goal is to soften ethnic features, to make them less dominant.

Different cultures have different attitudes toward plastic surgery. It can be seen as frivolous or being ashamed of your own ethnicity, but the times are changing. Your plastic surgeon should understand cultural differences in facial shapes, to help you meet your own goals. Just because you want a certain type of nose, doesn’t mean that it will necessarily fit your features. You need a plastic surgeon experienced with Asian features and standards.

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