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*Before and after photos and testimonials on this website are from actual patients who have given permission to have their photos/testimonials published. These photos and testimonials are for illustrative purposes only and no prediction of outcome is implied. Individual results may vary.

*Bellafill, formerly called Artefill  is considered a long-lasting filler. It is injected into moderate to deep smile lines to provide long-lasting correction. Bellafill is a product of Suneva Pharmaceuticals, and was FDA approved in 2006 for moderate to severe smile lines. More recently, Bellafill was approved for correction of acne scars, and is gaining popularity in many areas of the face for achieving long lasting results.

Bellafill consists of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) microspheres in a collagen carrier base. In fact, the product is about 80% collagen, making it very smooth to inject. PMMA has been used in bio-synthetic implants such as ocular implants, bone fillers, and dental implants for over 60 years with a proven safety record. Over time, the collagen base dissolves, and the PMMA remains, serving as a scaffolding for your own collagen synthesis and providing long-lasting improvement.

It is important to not over correct with Bellafill, so you will have a complimentary follow up 4 weeks following your injection to assess the results. If a touch-up is required, it can be performed at that time. We have safely used Bellafill  for many years in San Diego with high client satisfaction and no complications, however possible risks include granulomas or lumps, extrusion, and  allergic reaction. Results with Bellafill  may last 5 years or longer.


*Before and After One Kit of Bellafill


Popular areas of the face for injection of Bellafill include the nasolabial folds, mental crease, unwanted clefts or scars,  and other areas with thick skin. Bellafill can be used to enhance and support the cheeks, temples, and jawline, and has been FDA approved to treat acne scars. Another common area for injection is the smile lines. This filler can produce smooth, even results as it stimulates your tissues to build collagen.

*Often, clients will request Bellafill after trying other fillers and realizing they want a more lasting solution.  We generally recommend starting with a shorter-lasting filler in the desired area if you have no prior experience with filler  in the area of concern.  Call our San Diego medical spa today to find out                                                                                           if Bellafill  is an option for you!




bellafil photos

*Before And After Two Kits of Bellafill


*In the before and after photo to the left, note the dramatic increase in volume achieved in this patient. Click here for more San Diego liquid facelift before and after photos, or call our office today at (858) 658-0595 to schedule your complimentary consultation.