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Liquid Facelift San Diego

What is a Liquid Facelift? A liquid facelift implies a facial rejuvenation procedure without any incisions, utilizing injectable filling material. This material may be autologous, meaning utilizing one’s own fat, or synthetic. When injectable fillers such as Restylane first became popular in 2002, injectors focused on specific problem areas, such as the smile lines or naso-labial folds. Over the years, as our appreciation of the nuances of facial aging has evolved, along with the quality and variety of fillers available, we have learned to assess the face globally.  For example, we know that deep naso-labial folds may be a result of midface atrophy and flattening. Therefore, by enhancing the cheeks we can also improve related areas like the smile lines and even the lower eyelids. The Liquid Eyelift is a separate procedure that focuses on the upper and/or lower eyelids, and can be done at the same time as a Liquid Facelift.


liquid facelift1Injectable fillers commonly used for a Liquid Face Lift in our San Diego practice include Juvederm, Perlane, Restylane, Sculptra, Radiesse, Belotero, and the newest FDA approved mid face filler: Voluma.  Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid based filler that is popular for creating soft, full lips. Radiesse is a firmer, longer-lasting filler that works well for deeper smile lines, cheek enhancement, and small areas of volume loss. Our facial plastic surgeon commonly uses restylane for enhancing the lower eyes (see “liquid eye lift”). Perlane is a thicker form of restylane that is also commonly used for cheek enhancement at Roy David MD, Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa. The patient to the left required volume in the midface, jawline and temples. In addition to a liquid facelift, botox was used to elevate the brows.




Long Lasting Fillers: Voluma is a very powerful filler for lifting the cheeks and can last for 2 years.  Sculptra was the facial filler traditionally associated with a liquid facelift because this filler can be used to lift and shape large areas of the face. Sculptra, or Poly-L Lactic Acid is a resorbable material that has been commonly used in dissolvable sutures. Our body reacts to the presence of Sculptra by synthesizing collagen, creating a softer, fuller appearance to the face. Results may last for years. Bellafill is an FDA approved permanent filler the stimulates collagen and can provide dramatic, long-lasting results that also are very natural. Fat transfer involves transferring fat from lower areas of the body (hips, thighs, stomach) to the face. Visit our  fat transfer page for more information.


liquid facelift 2As you can tell from reading the above, there are many options just for choosing the right filler, let alone deciding where to inject and how much. Injectable fillers and the Liquid Facelift have become a veritable art form, and expert  injectors such as Dr. David and our aesthetic nurses can produce beautiful and long-lasting results.

The San Diego liquid facelift  patient to the right  was treated with  Sculptra, which also improved the appearance of her acne scars:


LM before and after front



The patient  to the left was treated with two kits of Bellafill, a permanent filler for supporting the cheeks, temples, and jawline. Note the dramatic increase in volume in this patient’s cheeks.







The procedure is performed  in the office and takes between 15-30 minutes. Our San Diego clients generally experience some swelling which resolves in approximately 2-24 hours, however many return immediately to work or other activities. With any  injectable filler, complications such as swelling and bruising may occur. Patients are advised to use cool compresses, and to refrain from aspirin or other blood thinners if possible prior to treatment to reduce bruising risk. Occasionally Sculptra may lead to small nodules under the skin, which can be felt but not seen. This is quite rare in our experience and resolves with time. Whether you are considering lip enhancement, targeted filler injection for the smile lines, or a full “liquid facelift,” please remember that experience counts. You should choose a center that offers multiple fillers and has knowledge of the relative merits of each one. Dr. David is considered an expert injector with over 10 years of experience. Our nurses are skilled injectors who have been certified by companies such as Allergan and Medicis, and have been personally trained by our medical director, double- board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Roy David. Call or visit Roy David MD, Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa today for a complimentary consultation to learn if you are a good candidate for a liquid facelift!